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Milan Dubský, the owner of the company is an artistic girdler, a member of the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic, the Czech Blacksmith’s Association and his team consists of people as professional as him. This fact guarantees that all Hefaistos brand products are of the highest quality, functionality and great artistic value.


  • Over 20 years’ experience on the market

Hefaistos is a company with a long-time tradition and a huge amount of experience. We are happy to share this experience with our customers. You receive only the best quality and professional attitude from us.

  • Honesty and traditional trade

Our completely Czech company prides itself on the tradition of locksmiths and blacksmiths who were famous throughout the lands.

  • High quality guaranteed

Our objects are not only elegant, but above all functional. A metal product by Hefaistos lasts you a lifetime and therefore you get a 10-year guarantee on our products.

  • Custom-made products

We can adapt to your wishes and design the best solution for you.

  • Graphical draft and consultations free of charge

Can’t decide on a solution that would work best? Don’t be afraid to approach us, we can help you create an individual solution and a draft free of charge. We are here to take good care of our customers and to give advice. This is a creed we are more than happy to follow.

  • Restorers certified by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Culture

We are true masters when it comes to restoring artwork and historical buildings. We even received a certification by the Ministry of Culture.

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