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Fences from the Design set merge classical forged fence shapes with modern patterns and components. This creates a structure which can be used with modern and historical buildings alike. A modern fence to a modern house. A piece of history to a historical building.

If you want to make an excellent first impression, the Design fence is the one for you. It is our newest category, designed for customers who were unsatisfied by other fence styles.

Most of the fences shown below exist in many variations, the arrangement of which is up to the customer. Hefaistos blacksmiths and locksmiths take care of the whole construction, including the building of a foundation wall. Every fence is made of solid steel and the surface is galvanized to ensure high quality and weather-proofness. We offer a maintenance-free fence that will last you a lifetime.

Every style can be modified, made with different materials and in various colours. The fence can also be patinated. We will be glad to advise you with the realization and prepare a graphical draft.



See our selection of styles and choose the one you like most. We offer 15 styles, all of which are compatible with one another. Or visit us in Prague - Radotín and see all our fence styles yourself.

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Design 01 Design 02 Design 03 Design 04
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Design 05 Design 06 Design 07 Design 08
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Design 09 Design 10 Design 11

Has our selection of maintenance-free forged fences caught your eye? Are you looking for something similar? E-mail us using our contact form and we will be happy to help you.

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