Do you have an idea of a product or service from the locksmith area in your mind and looking for someone to realize it? If it’s humanly possible, then thanks to the broad portfolio of 4 crafts we can realize even your most demanding requirements.

We are able to produce almost anything from a small product to the most extensive production and assembly of complex buildings. Each year we implement a considerable amount of atypical projects. We can offer you full service  – from consultation, preparation of project documentation, through actual production, to final delivery and installation.

We are focusing primarily on the metalwork of the structure of the following types:

Bars, awnings, pergolas, ladders, handrails, blinds, cellar, signs, doors and gates, screens, wall cladding and false ceilings, floor mats, dumpster standing, stands, furniture, anchor elements.

Each product is made from high quality steel and the surface can be dipped into hot zinc so we can guarantee its high quality and resistance to weather conditions. The product can be also colored in the selected colour according to the wishes of the customer, which will guarantee a double surface protection with 10 year warranty.

We offer different variants

References we are proud of

  • Terraced house Prague

    Atypical balcony blinds of the new prague house.

  • Terraced house Prague

    Elegant dividing partitions and handrails in the house stairs.

  • Development project

    Modern partition walls separating the terraces.

  • Wishing well

    Unique grille over the newly reconstructed well.


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