We often hear that blacksmith masters tames the elements. We will tell you a secret, which you can test also in practice. If you want your custom forged knife, after a few hours you can experience the whole process of making a forged knife, or a piece of jewelry. Try to be accompanied by a blacksmiths master with the elements in accordance and you will see how the result of your work will pleasantly surprise you.

Forging for customers takes place in the workshop in the back of our store in the Old Town Prague – Rybná street. The time that you spend with a blacksmith in the workshop, depends on your chosen product that you want to forge. The longest takes about 4 hours and it’s a knife. Everything is in the workshop ahead ready and we will borrow you our protective equipment. You should just come in long sleeves t-shirt and sturdy shoes. Blacksmither will instruct you on work safety and then you can start forging.

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