Modern production technologies allow us to produce a wide range of steel structures. From the weldments of thick plates through the classical structure of rolled materials to very complicated designs.

For the production of steel structures our company has all the necessary certificates for the production and subsequent finish coating. We are able to deliver our steel constructions including complete project documentation, verification of static calculation, production on workshop, on the place of realization with logistics, quality, surface protection and we will also ensure lifting technique. We realize welded and screwed connections of structures.

It is possible to surface finish outdoor steel structure – by dipping them into hot zinc, in order to guarantee maximum resistance. Then they are completely maintenance-free. On customer request it is possible for the staircase to add in selected colour, which will ensure a double surface protection. We guarantee high quality workmanship and maximum durability.

We provide a guarantee of 10 years for the steel staircase.

We offer different variants

References we are proud of

  • Building Avast Prague

    Steel structure of Enterprise hall in Avast company.

  • High school of Economics

    Steel construction in the premises of the library of the high school.

  • Main Point Prague

    A steel footbridge in the outdoor premises of Prague's Main Point.

  • Military Museum

    Steel roofing of the atrium of the Prague Military museum.


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